Hits and Misses: Pakistani Lawn 2017

This year was a crazy year for Pakistani lawn! From the streets of Vietnam to mansions in the United Kingdom, the whole world was a canvas for this year’s wide range of Pakistani lawn collections.

Although some designers rocked it with their trendy designs and economical prices, other designers fell flat, giving us designs that had us saying “been there, done that”, at insanely high prices.

This blog is going to be all about the designers I thought rocked it this year, and the ones that I thought could improve (a lot!).Of course, these aren’t all the designers who have released a lawn collection, but these are the ones I saw all over social media. Enjoy.


Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan absolutely rocked it this year! Her lawn collection was impeccable (as are all her other designs). Extremely fashionable, and at a really economical rate (compared to designers like Elan and Faraz Manan), Saira Rizwan’s lawn is a breath of fresh air for anyone tired of the same old prints and designs. I also love how she came out new designs and she styled her lawn this year in a completely different way than her approach to last year’s lawn collection.

Just love the tassels and the pastel colors.
Breath of fresh air-love the sleeves!

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan did an amazing job bringing us back to our roots with this lawn collection. It was executed brilliantly with a very clean and sophisticated look. I fell in love with the gharara pants in this collection, and she styled them so nicely.

Loving the gharara!


Love the traditional look of this outfit


Rungrez also did an amazing job with their collection. It featured some really classy and sophisticated prints, and I fell in love with it. It seems like everyone else did too because this lawn is sold out in a lot of different places! I just can’t take my eyes off this collection!


Another favorite, I can’t get over this design!


I loved Ethnic’s collection because they came out with something totally unique that I would love to try! Featuring bright colors, and inspired by Central Asian culture, this lawn collection was perfect for teenagers! Another bonus was the really economical prices!

So colorful!
Love the gharara pants!


Sapphire really killed it with their lawn collection. This collection was way more affordable and featured significantly better designs than its counterpart (Elan). It’s classy and sophisticated, perfect for a day out with friends, or even a dinner party!

This outfit is amazing!


Cross Stitch

Last, but certainly not least, Cross Stitch’s lawn was priced very reasonable, and incorporated a lot of the latest trends these days. This lawn is perfect for anyone wanting a pop of color in their summer wardrobe!

Off the shoulder + Choker = Fabulous!
Pastel colors are perfect for the summer!


Faraz Manan

2017 was not the year for Faraz Manan’s lawn in my opinion! In this collection, every outfit was covered in a bunch of different prints giving us nothing but big headaches! His designs featured nothing new or unique which was very disheartening given the extremely high prices.

This one is a bit bearable

Sana Safinaz

Now this collection may look promising, but all those thoughts went away from my head the second I learned that Sana Safinaz was copying their designs from high-end Western designers. It’s okay to take inspiration from other designs, but copying is a big no no.



Khadija Shah is a designer at Elan, and a creative director at Sapphire, which would explain the similarities between the two brands. The only major difference is the price, which for Elan’s case, is sky high! Elan’s lawn collection was nothing new. It reminded me of their Silk Collection last year, which was styled in almost the exact same way.

Same styling, two different locations (India vs. Spain)


Crimson by Saira Shakira

When people market their brand as being high fashion, it is expected that these brands will come out with some new and innovative designs that help influence the current trends (this applies to every designer on my miss list).

Even though Saira Shakira is considered a high fashion brand, they came out with nothing new this year. The designs weren’t unique, the styling wasn’t unique. It was pretty boring.


This was the only design I liked in their collection


She’s wearing the same pants as the picture above.

Farah Talib Aziz

FTA is on the list for the same reasons as all these other brands, the designs are not worth the extremely high pricing. If I felt like spending around $60-$70 on an outfit, I would want it to be something that catches everyone’s attention, and I just wasn’t impressed by these designs.


This was my list of the hits and misses in Pakistani lawn this year. These are just my opinions and I know different people have different tastes so some may like the collections that I didn’t.

Even though these designer’s lawn collections are on my miss list, I still love their brands and I hope next year they come out with something really wonderful.

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  1. SimplyFleur says:

    I love the pink Sana Safinaz outfit! 💗🌸🦄

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    1. SimplyFleur says:

      But I don’t like the fact they copied! ☹️

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    2. Yeah! I really liked her collection until people started noticing she copied her designs from other designers. But other than that I would buy them 👌🏽

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  2. S Y L O S says:

    I love the way you write, straight to the point! xx

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