Islamabad Diaries: Driving up to Nathiagali

After a day in Islamabad, we decided to go up the mountains to Nathiagali! This was a nice experience, the roads were safer than I thought they would be and the views were really beautiful.

Nathiagali is a mountain resort in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Nathiagali is known for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather (it got really really cold at night even in the summer!).


I think we drove for about two hours to reach our destination, and near the end of our drive, we went to this restaurant called Mahgul. When we were there it started pouring! So we were stuck there for a few hours.

The fog started coming in when we arrived at Mahgul


As we got closer to our destination, Gali’s End, the road got more dangerous. It was also slowly starting to get dark so I got really scared.

Gali’s end is not a place for the weak-hearted. I wouldn’t recommend it, once you arrive you are essentially stuck there. I didn’t know how bad the way would be so it was really shocking. It’s a place that people should stay in if they don’t want to do anything else.

I think staying here was actually one of the biggest mistakes we did in our whole trip. (The view was really nice though).

Gali’s End, it had three floors and you rented a room/ or you could rent the whole floor


blurry, but still gives you an idea


We spent a night here

Night views
It got so cold!

The next morning, we had a photoshoot with the view and then decided to leave.

View from Gali’s End

On our way back to Islamabad, we stopped at this place called Abshar Restaurant. They had a restaurant in a small waterfall. It was very cool (but don’t eat the food it sucked)

Little waterfall
Where the restaurant was
It says Abshar Hotel


We also stopped in a little town to get some souvenirs

dsc04573The greatest part of this trip were the monkeys that hung out on the side of the road. They were so cute! Also on the roads were people selling real flower crowns! (they looked like the ones in the Snapchat filter). I really liked them.

Honestly speaking, it was nice to hang out with family here, but this place was disappointing for me. My backyard in America looks like a smaller version of Nathiagali, so I have no clue why we decided to travel halfway around the world and spend a bajillion dollars just to go back to a place that looks exactly like my hometown. And on top of that, we didn’t get a chance to see anything special/anything that the area was really well known for (except the monkeys).

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