My Graduation Party

I know this post may be a couple months late, but since I graduated in 2016 I wanted to do a post about my graduation party (which was amazing!)

Since most of my family is in Pakistan, and we went to visit this summer, we decided to have my graduation party there!

For my grad party, I wanted to have a royal theme since I spent the summer visiting Pakistan‘s historical sites. I also wanted to go back to my roots, and have a traditional look.

We booked a restaurant for the event, and it already had a lot of royal looking elements, so we didn’t need to work hard decorating the place. (The restaurant is called Dar Cheeni)


My aunt got this amazing flex for me


The restaurant fit the royal theme I had in mind

Since the place was already decorated, we only added a handmade photo booth, the flex, and favor boxes that we brought with us from the U.S. We also got a chocolate cake! It was honestly the most delicious cake I’ve ever had in Pakistan.


Handmade photo booth!


Favor boxes filled with chocolates for the guests!




IMG_5719.JPGSince my theme was focused on royalty (the Mughals), I wanted to wear a very traditional outfit, so I went with a gharara! It was made by Saira Rizwan, and I absolutely love it.


IMG_5347 (2).JPG
I know, my top got very wrinkly!

I can’t wait to wear this outfit at a wedding!

Overall, my graduation party was a lot of fun! I got to spend a lot of time with my family (who I barely ever get to see), and it’s always nice to throw a party once in a while! All in all, this was the highlight of my trip to Pakistan





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  1. Congratulations on your graduation. The world is awaiting you to touch it with your gifts. We are so happy you found our site so we were able to find yours. We will enjoy seeing the world through your eyes so please keep posting.


    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy your articles as well! They are very interesting

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