What’s New This Winter in Pakistan

Since I already reviewed some of the upcoming spring trends in 2017, I also wanted to do a review for the different winter trends that came out this year in the Pakistani fashion industry, and pick my favorites from these collections.

The Pakistani fashion industry has experienced a huge boom with many new designers coming in and showcasing their talent. I really fell in love with all the different styles and designs that came out this year, with designers featuring shawls, tassels, and gharara pants.

Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan’s Heritage collection was by far my most favorite winter collection of them all. All of her designs were really classy and could work for any occasion. She had the most beautiful shawls and her outfit designs are just stunning. I wish I could have them all! Her designs made me speechless.



Sapphire’s collection was also very trendy. I loved their use of bright colors to try and combat the usually dreary feels of winter. I also really liked their use of tassels in the outfits. Sapphire knows how to create outfits for any occasion and they really showed that with their winter collection.



Crescent is another very affordable brand that is also very fashionable. I really liked their use of colors and overall design of the outfit, but these suits can be very busy and they have a lot of clashing patterns which can sometimes make their outfits look very overwhelming. Sometimes simplicity is key!


Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch’s winter collection was a winner for me. Their outfits weren’t that overwhelming and they had a lot to offer in terms of design. I really liked how they styled their pants, and their use of color. Overall, these suits are all very classy and I would love to wear them any day!



Khaadi really impressed me with their unique designs. I loved how they did something different with their shirts and broke away from what all the other designers are doing. They worked to bring back some traditional designs with a modern twist to them and I loved it. Their use of yellow was also very stunning.



Firdous is not a brand I am very familiar with, but I found their winter collection to be very interesting. They also incorporated different styles in their designs and I enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed their use of tassels in their outfits.


Maria B

Last, but not least, I really loved some designs from Maria B’s winter collection which was actually shot in Turkey. She used some very different colors like red, pink, and purple, and that really caught my attention. Her styling of pants was also unique!


Those are all my favorites from the Pakistani winter collection! I would really like to know what you guys are interested in these days

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Such beautiful fashions. So colorful.


  2. mintyfreshie says:

    Is it just me or do you you feel like Pakistani fashion is basically changing every week? I feel like all my salwaar kameezs become outdated very quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I’m constantly asking my family back there to send me new stuff it’s can be very annoying sometimes lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mintyfreshie says:

        Ahaha same! My nano has become my personal shopper!


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