Happy New Year! : Welcoming 2017

This year, my family and I decided to host a New Year’s Eve party! We wanted to ring in 2017 with our close friends and family. This was a great excuse for us to decorate our house so we could properly celebrate the new year.

Since we have a fireplace in our living area we wanted that to be the centerpiece of our decorations. We also decided to make a photo booth, and decorate the tables we served food on.

Here’s a look into our New Year’s Eve DIY!

We spray painted sparkling water bottles and made the numbers from styrofoam.
These candles are handmade and the star centerpiece is from the Dollar Store
Filled a vase with some ornaments and made a centerpiece for our second table!


Our attempt at a photo booth. The banner was not sticking properly!


Cider is a must for New Year celebrations!
Our fireplace decor. The lighted chandelier is handmade


We filled empty ornaments with glitter to get this effect



That’s what we did for our New Year’s Eve dinner! A majority of the decorations were handmade and the rest were from the dollar store so overall, this decor is very inexpensive.

We got all our ideas from this very cool Pinterest account

Hope you liked this DIY! I have many more planned if you guys want to see more of this stuff

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