Lahore Diaries: Renting a Double Decker Bus to go see Badshahi Masjid

Badshahi Masjid

One of the most famous sights to see in Lahore is Badshahi Majid. Built in 1673 by Aurangzeb (Shah Jahan’s son), this Masjid is located right next to the Lahore Fort. It is large enough to fit 100,000 people! The architecture for this masjid is one of the grandest that I have seen.

To get to the Badshahi Masjid, we decided to rent out a double decker bus so that my whole family could join us to go visit the Walled City of Lahore.

The double-decker bus was state of the art, and it came with a tour guide who gave us an overview of the walled city, a bus driver, and security personnel. Most of the tour was given while we were on the bus, but at the end, they gave us 30 minutes to either visit the Lahore Fort or Badshahi Masjid.

It is not required to rent out the whole bus, you can buy individual tickets that may cost as little as $1- see more information here.


Qaddafi Stadium is where the bus tour starts, you have to arrive here

We all decided to sit on the top section, enjoying the breeze before it got too hot. From the bus, we saw many famous college, museums, and monuments of Lahore, such as Miner-e-Pakistan.

Lahore’s Musem
A Sikh Temple


I forgot what this was…..

We arrived in Badshahi Masjid and were greeted with a view of one of the gates of Lahore Fort, and Hazoori Bagh img_2932

Close by was the tomb of Alama Iqbal, who inspired the movement for Pakistan’s Independence.

Alama Iqbal’s tomb

We walked a little further and saw the massive gate marking the entrance to Badshahi Masjid


We did have to pass through metal detectors, and there were men who were asking the women to cover their heads. Everyone had to take off their shoes when entering the masjid, and it was so hard to walk on the extremely hot floor!

In the end, the view was worth it and we were able to see this beauty



The interior was really beautifully decorated as well


This whole trip was a lot of fun! I would love to go again really soon

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