Living Like Sheikhs in Qatar

The summer of 2016 was memorable! My family and I decided to take a trip to Qatar to sightsee and visit family.

We flew from Qatar Airways and arrived in the luxurious Hamad International Airport. Right off the bat we were fascinated by the lavish Arab lifestyle and their state of the art airport. We knew this trip would have a lot in store for us!

Because it was very very hot in Qatar when we were visiting in July, most of our sightseeing trips had to be done at night, which basically ruined the quality of our pictures but didn’t affect the amount of fun we had during this short four-day trip

Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Cultural Village was basically created by the Emir of Qatar to be a beacon of culture and arts for everyone in the world to see.

The atmosphere of Katara was amazing! It is made to look like a little village right alongside the beach. We got to enjoy the amazing food from a multitude of beautiful restaurants, and see the famous Pigeon Tower. There is a lot of walking involved!


A look into one of the beautiful restaurants in Katara
Not a great picture, but managed to check out the famous Pigeon Tower

The Pearl

Our second stop of the day was at The Pearl, an artificial island created to house Qatar’s elite. It gave us a taste of the splendor of the Qatari lifestyle, which consisted of fine dining, yachts, and luxury living. We took a boat ride which gave us a view of the Qatari skyline dsc02317dsc02360dsc02330

Aspire Park

A great place to relax and see the sunrise which is exactly what we did! One of my favorite places in Qatar was this unique park. It is also  very close to Villagio Mall, and Aspire Tower


Never seen this type of tree before!




Villagio Mall

The one thing that attracted me most to this mall was the gondola ride! This mall is made to look like you are taking a trip to Venice, Italy, and it’s spectacular! I wasn’t attracted to any of the shops, but I loved the aesthetic (and of course the very delicious food)dsc02427dsc02436

Souq Waqif

Last but not least, we had the pleasure of visiting the most popular tourist attraction in Qatar, Souq Waqif. Made to look like a traditional Qatari market, this place had everything I was looking for to get the true Qatari experience.

These buildings were made to look traditional
The Fanar Qatar Islamic Cultural Center

What you need to know:

Although 1 US dollar = about 3 Qatari Riyals, everything in Qatar is really overpriced so expect to have a big budget 

Qataris are mainly hospitable to westerners, and they tend to have some selective views about other nationalities.




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