Lahore Diaries: Drinking Fake Water at Shalimar Gardens

Shalimar Gardens (Bagh) is a Persian style garden, created during the reign of Shah Jahan (the same guy who created the Taj Mahal for his wife).

It is a short drive from Lahore, and the road to get there is not that great. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site has also become controversial as the Prime Minister is looking to build an orange line a couple of feet away from the Garden’s entrance.

They do charge a few rupees to enter the gardens, and when my family and I arrived we were very disappointed. The entrance is very shabby, and it looks like an average garden

Shabby entrance

However, as you continue walking to enter the extremely beautiful Shalimar Gardens. It’s one of the most exquisite places to see in Lahore. We went at the perfect time, the evening, and we got to see the light illuminating the gardens perfectly

Sheer beauty, this area was for the king to sit and watch the dancing girls
Although they were not filled with water, you could still imagine the beauty
Entrance for elephants
Musicians played in two of these structures, located across from each other
The platform for the dancing girls

Although the main area was relatively clean, there was a lot of littering going around in the park

Since we visited in the middle of July, it was very hot! We didn’t bring water with us and the water we bought turned out to be fake.

Overall this place is a must visit, it’s extremely beautiful and you will get a lot of great pictures !

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