Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 Winter Festive

Hi guys! I’m back with another fashion show review! I really love doing these posts so I hope you guys enjoy 🙂 .

Fashion Pakistan Week 2017 Winter Festive was held in Karachi from 12th September-13th September (I know I’m so late on this review!). Honestly, this fashion show was quite dull. Most of the clothing on the runway was just giving off been there done that vibes. I saw many done to death designs and color palettes, like white bridals (which I’m so over these days) and the typical East meets West clothing cuts.

Today, I wanted to tell you guys which designers I think did a good job, and which ones bored me the most.


1) Sana Safinaz: Roses and Rue IMG_5872IMG_5869IMG_5871

Sana Safinaz was the grand finale of FPW 2017 and literally the only designers that actually BLEW me away!!!! I am going to be fangirling so much because I can’t even with their clothing. I wish I could put every single outfit from their “Roses and Rue” collection on my blog.

I know I said that the clothes in this event were pretty dull and uneventful a couple seconds ago, but Sana Safinaz is the only exception to that statement. I honestly wish I could buy every single piece because I was just so inspired by what they did.

Sana Safinaz basically turned FPW 2017 on its head with their grand finale featuring outfits that actually bring something new to the table with their addition of fur, velvet, embellishment, and jewel tones.

2) Saira Rizwan: Glitterati

IMG_6057IMG_604721728284_1557742714281240_6815037653221929435_n.jpgAnother designer that brought something fairly new to the table! Although I wish Saira Rizwan did do something a little out of the box or more extravagant when it comes to her runway shows, I was pretty impressed with her Glitterati collection.

I loved her use of color which was fairly unique when compared to the other designers, and I also loved some of the designs that she came out with, especially the sari with the pants design (last picture). I know she can come out with something bigger that screams “runway” or “high fashion”, but for now I really like what she is doing.

3) Saira Shakira: A Monsoon Wedding


I think the clothing in this collection perfectly complemented Saira Shakira’s “A Monsoon Wedding” theme. Again, I loved the colors used in this collection, as well as the use of tassels, and silhouettes of their clothing.

I feel like Saira Shakira could’ve also gone bigger and better, but what the duo came out with was pretty nice. I especially love the outfit in the second picture. It’s a new take on a fairly done to death design which I really liked.

4) Sanam Chaudhri: Pandora


The last designer in my favorites list has to be Sanam Chaudhri. I liked how her collection was pretty low-key and I’m saying this for every designer on my hit list, but I loved the use of color in her collection. I’m honestly so done with the white bridals and monotone colors that were in fashion for the past couple of years, so I’m really glad that designers are using colors now.

That was the list of my top four favorite designers at FPW 2017 Winter Festive! Overall, I really wish every designer had brought their A game like Sana Safinaz, but I appreciated what the rest of my favorite  designers came out with (coincidentally their names all start with ‘S’ 🙂 )


1) Suffuse by Sana Yasir


I just have one word for this collection.. and that is BORING! I don’t want to be too harsh because I liked the cuts and the designs used in the clothing, but I’m so sick of white! Basically, every single outfit in this collection was white which I’m not a fan of (if you couldn’t already tell 😂). Also, her aesthetic is very similar to Faraz Manan and Elan, so that’s why this collection was on my miss list.

2) Teena Durrani: A Rouge Affair


I love how I’m talking about everyone using white in this blog post, but then I put Teena Durrani’s collection on my miss list because of her use of red. I’m so weird but Teena Durrani and the color red is just boring to me. Ever since I’ve been reviewing her collections, all she does is use red, and I’m just tired of it now. I also didn’t like the styling and designs of her outfits.

3) Wardha Saleem: Dholak


Call me crazy, but I really wasn’t into this collection by Wardha Saleem. Dholak seemed to be heavily inspired by Ali Xeeshan and Nomi Ansari with its use of color and style (lengha cholis). I also wasn’t a fan of how some of the lenghas had birds on them and the huge embellishments used as well.

I know this has been quite a long post but I hope you guys enjoyed my review!

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  1. Beyoutiful says:

    Those are lovely outfits!

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  2. I love this post! It is fascinating to see fashion around the world. The clothing is beautiful! There is really nice detail.

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  3. sivylla says:

    Gorgeous outfits! This is a great post! Love all your photos! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
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    1. Thanks for enjoying my post!


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