Lahore Diaries: Almost Crossing the Pakistan-India border (Wagah Border)

Wagah Border

During one of our first weeks in Pakistan, we took a trip to the border between Pakistan and India. It was quite a short drive from Lahore, but a lot of time was spent during security checks (there was an attack at the border a couple of years ago)

When we arrived the excitement was infectious! Although it was unbearably hot, nobody seemed to care. They were all riled up as patriotic songs played in the background

At around 6pm the flag ceremony begins which is basically a tense match-up between the Pakistani and Indian guards.

This place is a must visit if you want to experience what being a true Pakistani is like.

India is on the other side of the gate!
“Freedom Gate” with the founder of Pakistan pictured
India on the other side! The inscription reads “Pakistan Zindabad”
Indian crowd


One-legged man showing his patriotism for Pakistan


Opening the gate


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  1. mintyfreshie says:

    The border is definitely an amazing thing to see!

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