Party in the USA: Disney World Adventures

I actually went to Disney World a couple years ago but I still want to share my experience with everyone!

My family and I went during the Christmas season and we had a blast!

I just wanted to share some of the pictures we took on our trip

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Magic Kingdom was obviously our first stop. It was so exciting to see the castle decorated for the holidays, and all the events going along with that theme. We actually ended up going there again on our last day because we had so much fun!


Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios was also one of my favorite parks! It was so cool to experience the behind the scenes look at what is happening when a movie is being filmed. Hollywood Studios also had the best shows, and rides!


Animal Kingdom

The one thing that stood out to me most at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was the Mt. Everest rollercoaster that they had! It was the highlight of the whole park.



Epcot was actually my favorite park of them all! In one day you are able to get a glimpse of nearly the whole world and experience their traditions. It was a really fun experience and I would love to visit again!


That’s all I have for my Disney trip! I hope I can visit soon so I can experience the magic of Disney again!

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  1. Alice💖 says:

    Im so jealous of this, it looks amazing 💕

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  2. This post brought back so many memories of our last visit there. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to walk down memory lane. Keep sharing life through your eyes and words.

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  3. Awesome post! Check out my Disneyland post if you get the chance 🙂 I hope I get to visit Disney World one day and compare the two.

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  4. This looks awesome!!! I can’t wait to visit Disney! It has been on my bucket list for so long, hopefully I can make it there next year!! Truly does look magical 😃


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