Fashion Parade London

Pakistani designers showcased their luxury pret designs at London’s former One Marylebone church. This was a huge step for Pakistani designers, who got to present their work to an international audience.

Nomi Ansari, Nilofer Shahid, Maria B, Saira Rizwan, Seher Tareen, Faiza Samee, Tena Durrani, Shamaeel, and Rani Emaan all showcased their designs at this event, and I was very impressed by what they came up with.

In this post, I wanted to pick out my favorite designs/designers from this Fashion Parade and review the trends I saw. I hope you enjoy!

Saira Rizwan- Chantilly

As usual, I absolutely loved Saira Rizwan’s Chantilly collection! This collection was inspired by 18th-century French fashion, a time when chantilly fabric was very popular. Saira Rizwan would be my top pick any day because she knows how to perfectly combine different elements to create the most breathtaking designs! (you can find more of her work here). This collection focused on more modern designs, and I really enjoyed it!




Tena Durrani- A Rouge Affair

I loved Tena Durrani’s use of color and design because I felt like it blended Eastern and Western styles for the perfect combination. In a time where designers are going back to traditional designs, this perfect blend stood out.



Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari kept the show alive by his use of vibrant colors. Even though he stuck to more traditional designs, his experimentation with colors really helped his designs come into the spotlight. Whenever I think of a festive wedding, this is what pops in my mind!



Faiza Samee- I “Heart” Faiza Samee

Faiza Samee’s collection also focused on the more traditional side of fashion. I really loved how she thought out of the box with her designs and color combinations as they were really unique. Many of her designs also featured velvet, which I love!




Shamaeel also brought some unique designs on the table, but they were much more modern than Faiza Samee’s designs. I also really liked how her designs flowed and were much lighter compared to the other designers.


These were my favorite designers from this year’s Fashion Parade London. I really loved how there was a mix of modern and traditional designs. I also noticed that designers are focusing more on using bright colors and adding a twist to more common designs.

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