Haute Couture 2017

I’m back with another review! This time I wanted to focus on haute couture because the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2017 just happened last week!

Although this fashion week featured far fewer designers, I really thought that they had a lot to offer in terms of design. It was definitely a big improvement from the Spring Ready to Wear 2017 line that came out a couple weeks ago.

For this review, I’m going to write about my favorite dresses and designers that walked the ramp last week.

Elie Saab

As usual, I’m writing about my favorite designer first!

Elie Saab blew me away with his designs. They were just breathtaking, and I absolutely loved every single one! The one thing that I would say that he could do was to include more colors to the dresses since a majority of the dresses were either blue, nude, or silver.

All of his dresses are fit for queens!

Here are my favorite dresses from his collection:


I loved the vintage look of this dress
I loved the unique look of this outfit


Chanel always knows how to pull off the classy/vintage look (in fact they probably invented it!), and I love how they brought those looks for this fashion week. Their glass runway was especially stunning, and their designs were very classy. I think they did an incredible job!


Ralph and Russo

Ralph and Russo are known for their haute couture, so of course, they had to be on my list! Even though their collection didn’t exactly blow me away, I thought their designs were very nice as they focused on more traditional concepts

This design is very similar to the Elie Saab one

16357776_10211359175999300_213899006_o16389016_10211359175839296_2077891721_oChristian Dior

I liked Chrisitan Dior’s collection because it focused on a more magical/fairy tale style. The dresses were flowy and featured a lot of floral print. The models tried to compliment the magical theme with their headdresses and jewelry.

I think these dresses are a perfect way to get away from practical life and go into a fairy tale world!



Last but not least, it’s Valentino! Even though Valentino had some nice designs, I still felt like they could’ve improved because the designs were very simple. They also didn’t have any special factors to the dresses that would have made me really impressed.


That’s the end of my favorite designers for Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. I would love to know your opinions on these dresses, and which designers you particularly liked!

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All pictures are from vogue.com

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  1. When it comes to Haute Couture Eli Saab is the best for me all of those designers still amazing though. 😊

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    1. I agree! Elie Saab is the best!

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